Mandatory Referee Training

Updated Monday April 30, 2018 by AWT.

In-Town Referee Training for Fall 2018 / Spring 2018

All referees must attend a mandatory referee training session if they would like to referee for our In-Town program for the upcoming season.  Referees must also be at least 14 years of age before the season starts.  If you will turn 14 before the start of the Spring 2018 season then you will need to attend the training session at this time.  This training session will not be run again in the Spring.

Make sure that you register to be a referee before attending this training session.

Date is TDB

Location is SB Senior Center Auditorium which is just to the left of the township Municipal Building.

You should arrive by 6:15pm to sign in for the course.  The course should end at 8pm.

If you miss the training session you can take a certification class at your expense with NJ State Referee Committee.  We accept USSF Grade 9 and Higher

United States Soccer Federation Referee Grades
The USSF currently has 14 referee grades:
  • Grade 16 – Emeritus State Referee
  • Grade 15 – Emeritus State Referee
  • Grade 14 – Emeritus National Referee
  • Grade 13 – Emeritus Professional Referee
  • Grade 12 – Assistant Referee
  • Grade 9 – Recreational Referee
  • Grade 8 – Competitive Youth Referee
  • Grade 7 – Adult Ameteur Referee
  • Grade 6 – State Referee
  • Grade 5 – State Referee
  • Grade 4 – National Referee
  • Grade 3 – Professional Referee
  • Grade 2 – FIFA Assistant Referee
  • Grade 1 – FIFA Referee