Fall Professional Training Schedule

Updated Monday October 9, 2017 by Bruce Willinger.

During the fall season, we offer the opportunity for our registered players in grades 1 thru 12 to attend soccer training sessions run by professional trainers from Hi-Tempo Soccer.  This is included in your registration fee so there is no additional cost to you.  We offer these sessions on 3 different nights each week.  Your child is allowed to attend one of these sessions per week.

The sessions are held on turf field #1 at Harvest Woods Park on Culver Road

Sessions will begin this coming Monday, 9/18 and run thru Friday, 11/17.  Below you will find the schedule of these sessions.  Your child should only attend at the time that their division is scheduled for one of the nights each week.  You do not have to choose the same night each week.  Do the night that works best in your schedule for that particular week.

Players need to wear shin guards to participate.  They should also bring a ball and a drink to each session.  (Trainers will have balls to borrow if a player should forget to bring their own)

Listings are divisions where the numbers represent the players grade.


5-6pm   4/5 coed, 3 coed, 4/5/6 girls

6-7pm   1 coed, 2 coed, 2/3 girls

7-8pm   6/7 coed, 8-12 coed



5-6pm   1 coed, 2 coed, 2/3 girls

6-7pm   3 coed, 4/5/6 girls

7-8pm   4/5 coed, 6/7 coed, 8-12 coed



5-6pm   1 coed, 2 coed, 2/3 girls, 3 coed

6-7pm   4/5 coed, 6/7 coed,  4/5/6 girls

(No training for 8-12 coed)